All members of Bandiflex always do their best to be the top in the world in the field of substitute energy
and Landscape lighting with a slogan of "Bring the light of Korea to the world".

With the $10,000 era in the national income, each of self-governing bodies endeavors to find and highlight
its own traditional culture for tourists' attraction.

We have three items for leading the company: LED Lighting System increasing the lighting effect with low
electricity, Color Projector Lighting System and Sunbeam Energy Lighting System.

Light (lighting) is an essential part of human life.
Whether the light becomes a general one or an artistic one of beauty according to how to maintain and
control it depends on the function of product and the spirit of installer.

Not anybody can decorate it more effective and beautiful artistically.
We will promote perfectly from design, production to installation with all our heart and spirit, one by one,
pursuing further effectiveness and creative beauty in harmony of nature and human beings.

In the rapidly changing global environment, we will be reborn as the top company in the Landscape
industry in the world as well as in Korea through diversification of management technique and
advancement in technology.

To be reborn as a company that gives customers the greatest satisfaction, all members of our company
promise that we will always do our best, expecting your warm encouragement and love.